University Of Virginia Students Launch A Campaign To Get Chance The Rapper To Play In Charlottesville

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08.18.17 3 Comments

Chance The Rapper’s reputation for doing good deeds certainly proceeds him. It’s actually that same rep, hard-earned through million dollar donations to public schools, and countless hours spent bettering his local community in Chicago, that students at the University of Virginia are pinning their hopes. In the wake of the horrific events that took place last week in the city of Charlottesville where the University is located, two performers Future and Lil Yachty have dropped out of planned performances during the school’s Welcome Week.

With no where else to turn, the University Program Council is looking to Chance The Rapper to fill the void, creating a new hashtag on social media, #GiveUVAaChance, in hopes that he’ll notice and take them up on their request.

“Please understand that we are human and sometimes things happen outside of our control, but we are doing all we can to put on an event for our peers, friends, and the rest of the Charlottesville community,” the Program Council told their followers in a note posted to Facebook announcing that both Future and Yachty had dropped out. “Music has the power to bring people together, particularly during divisive times. Thus we have been working diligently to identify additional options for tomorrow evening.”

Chance has yet to respond to the student’s entreaties, but with a little bit of push on social media, who knows what could happen?

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