Chance The Rapper’s iPhone-Filmed ‘How Great’ Video With Jay Electronica Is Worthy Of Praise

Chance The Rapper’s extremely good at what he does. Part of what of he does is surround himself with talented people and find ways to help them maximize their potential. It’s what great leaders in all fields do and, when they do it well, people flock to work with them. If there still remain those on the fence about how ill Chance is, his new video for “How Great,” shot on iPhone, really should convert them into believers.

The Coloring Book track is perhaps the most gospel-inspired song on an album full of rap-praise songs. The video highlights that by opening with Chance’s cousin Nicole and a choir, led by Peter Cottontale, doing a studio performance of the song in all its grandeur. Chano pops in about a minute in and later proceeds to slay his verse and then, like the holy ghost figure he is, Jay Electronica emerges from behind a door to close the books on the proceedings.

Chance hinted that he had reservations about releasing the video. First, he claims it’s his first he’s done in awhile without constant collaborator-director Austin Vesely working alongside him. Brother, let your mind rest easy. You did a damn good job.