Common Surprises Kids At Harlem School With $10K For Supplies

We’re not sure what it is about the water in Chicago, but the rappers from there sure do seem to be the most charitable around. After Chance The Rapper donated $2 million to Chicago’s schools (in two easy installments of $1 million each), fellow Windy City representative Common has donated $10,000 to a school in Harlem, per the Associated Press.

“I always felt like one of my biggest duties and purposes is to hit the youth with something that’s inspiring, hit young people with something that can motivate them to be in their greatness,” Common told the AP. The rapper-turned-actor teamed up with a nonprofit called and Burlington Stores to surprise students at the Renaissance School of the Arts in Harlem with funds today; the money will go to help their teachers buy supplies like calculators and science kits.

One of the students, aspiring musician, actor and dancer, Jadon-Li M. Antoine, told the AP that Common’s visit “gave me a little bit more hope. It gave me that extra push.” Another student, 12-year-old Khalil Green, who wants to be a veterinarian, agreed: “I thought it was cool because (Common) does music and he’s an actor, and I really look up to him.”

Burlington has been raising money from its 599 stores to help other schools, asking customers to donate $1 or more. The campaign began on July 9 and continues through Aug. 19.