Curren$y’s Back For Another Great Episode Of ‘Raps N Lowriders’ With Episode 3

08.21.16 3 years ago

On today’s episode of Curren$y’s Raps and Lowriders documentary, Spitta spends a majority of the time detailing the process of getting work done on his “Eastside 65” Chevy Impala. The car is flat out gorgeous, covered in a beautiful mix of blue and purple designs shinier than the gold chain around his neck. The New Orleans native discusses how the car was given to him as a gift from a friend. “My homeboy…gave it to me for Christmas,” he said. “She didn’t look like this though. She wasn’t wrapped, you know. And, I wasn’t in it.”

He also details that he was inspired to make the design based on nature. The car was sitting in his driveway and “had a bunch of leaves” on it. He told his car guy that he wanted some flowers on it to match the leaves. Instead, his custom guy decided to paint a color spectrum because Spitta would get “tired of looking at flowers.” Curren$y then gives viewers a tour of the car, explaining what each portion of the design means and why they’re so important to him.

Curren$y previews new music throughout the documentary and also introduces viewers to the newest member of his team; his dog, Charles Barkley. If you like, be sure to check out episode one and two of the documentary.

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