Dae Dae Channels All Your Favorite Atlanta Classics For His ‘New Wave’ Video

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Atlanta’s rap history is as storied as any other major city on the map, and that’s with the usual pillars like New York and Los Angeles getting a head start in the main stream. The A has spawned both major stars and prodigious underground talents and everything in between. They’re the proud owners of the only rap album to ever claim the Grammy’s Album of the Year award and the continue kicking out new stars seemingly every other day.

With a history like that, it’s no wonder new artists love to pay homage and give respect to those Atlanta stars that came before them. Burgeoning star Dae Dae is the latest to offer a hat tip to the past with his new video “New Wave,” which channels numerous classic Atlanta videos almost shot for shot. Amongst the classics referenced are Outkast’s “Player’s Ball,” Ying Yang Twins “Wait (Whisper Song),” Trinidad James’ “All Gold Everything” and Bone Crusher’s “Never Scared.” Dae rocks an Atlanta Braves away jersey in a drop top just like Andre 3000, knocks some buildings down like Bonecrusher, whispers sweet nothings into a woman’s ear like the Ying Yang twins and rides a bike around gleefully like Trinidad.

That all makes for a great watch, and a fun trip down memory lane, and it helps that Dae’s banger has an infectious bounce and smooth hook that make the whole experience worth every second and looking forward to his new mixtape 5 Reasons, set to drop later this month.

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