Dave Chappelle Made A Very Special Appearance At Chance The Rapper’s ‘Open Mike’ Night

Chance The Rapper is one of the city of Chicago’s best ambassadors as someone who uses his celebrity to bring other famous entertainers to the town and the people. On Monday night, Chance’s latest guest may top the list as Dave Chappelle joined the young artist for his Open Mike event for the teens.

The long-running weekly event is designed to give kids a chance to take the stage instead of the streets and they’re encouraged to sing, dance, read poetry and perform for their peers. Part of the latest push was to have the young people try their hand at stand-up and who better to learn from than Chappelle, who performed a short set for the crowd and spoke with them about the power they hold as young performers.


Chappelle wasn’t alone either because Bulls star guard Jimmy Butler and the cast from BET’s The New Edition Story popped in as well for what Chano teased would be “a very special” event for his first open mic event for the new year. Having that much star power come through to show support is definitely a great way to get things off on the right foot.

Take a look at fan photos and videos captured from Monday night below.