Dave East Gets Busy On His ‘I Got The Keys (Eastmix)’

Dave East has slowly but surely raised his profile to auto-click status. In other words, anytime Dave East drops a new song the link is automatically worth clicking on. As he’s prepping for the upcoming release of his Kairi Chanel mixtape, he decide to re-up with a few bars on the DJ Khaled’s collaboration, “I Got the Keys.” If you’re a fan of the Harlem MC, the way he rips through this beat won’t surprise you in the least.

I got the keys, they cost me a lick
I’m by the beach, with dolphins and fish
Spaghetti with wine, still talking bout bricks
I’m taking my time, I’m talking my shit
Gucci flips with the red stripes, Red Stripe, I used to drink those
Every now and then I still do, know that Cuban real behind the Link clothes
Breaking chicken when the sink froze
On an island, I don’t need clothes
Catch the wave, free Dre, Mac, Mac know he got me in beast mode
Fifty thousand in a short week, that’s the cash that I dream about
Free Trav, free Charlie and Scrap, it’s not on purpose if I leave you out

The freestyle comes fresh off the heels of the street heavy “Stove Top,” which is from his forthcoming Kairi Chanel mixtape. Kairi Chanel slated for a release this month.