Did Jay Z Lose Some Credibility In 2013?

12.27.13 4 years ago 33 Comments


The survey found that Jay Z scored 70% lower in the categories of trustworthiness and honesty than did celebrities like Morgan Freeman and Jennifer Lawrence, an issue Sehdev chalks up to Jay’s intense focus on making money seemingly however he can. Perhaps more damaging to Jay Z’s ability to persuade consumers through branded partnerships are his constant references to other products in his music. Sehdev said that on “Magna Carta Holy Grail” alone, Jay Z referenced eight different luxury brands more than 20 times. “Millennials questions his approach to loyalty, whether it be to a business deal or his fans,” Sehdev said. “His motivations to just make money can be viewed by this audience as self-centered, even if they may be business savvy.”

Full Story: Business Insider

Do you agree with the results of this study? Jay Z is becoming more and more of a business man with various ventures with, Roc Nation, Roc Nation Sports, Ace Of Spades, Dusse, Duracell, Samsung, Barneys, Cologne, Cigars and more. But is this affecting his credibility? Jay Z received some criticism for continuing his partnership with Barneys after racial profiling accusations. I think Jay Z handled the incident well. I just look at it as Jay Z being a smart business man and making the most of his fame and brand that he worked hard to build.

Keep in mind we don’t know the demographics for who was surveyed.

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