Diddy Struggled To Use An Electronic Nose Cleaner In A Hilarious Instagram Video

03.18.19 4 months ago

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Diddy is a man who wears many hats. Among them are hip hop producer, business mogul, and pop culture icon. Now, it seems we can add goofy internet dad to that list. Seemingly taking a page out of his friend Will Smith‘s book — whose wildly popular Instagram content has updated the international star’s wholesome, goofy brand for the digital age — on Sunday Diddy posted a video to Instagram with the title “Diddy + 6.” The “6” was a reference to the 49-year-old’s six children, and the title itself was a comedic allusion to the popular TLC series “Kate Plus 8.”

In the video, Diddy appears to be hanging out with his three young daughters and, as the caption to the clip informs us, they’re trying out a new “nose cleaner,” which apparently is used to clear excess mucus out of the user’s nose. The Bad Boy founder volunteers to use the conspicuous machine first, telling his daughter, “Daddy likes to live on the edge.” From there, hilarity ensues.

Over the course of the next two minutes, Diddy attempts to use the contraption not once but three times. Each attempt is more concerning than the previous. At one point, the rap mogul asks his young daughter, “Am I gonna feel like I”m drowning?” His daughter reassures him, that that won’t be the case. However, judging by the amount of choking and heaving the Diddy does throughout the three tries, it seems like that might have been the case.

You can check out the hilarious video above.

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