DJ Mustard Says He’s Done With Lean After Several Tragic, Young Deaths In Hip-Hop

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Earlier this month, rising Bay Area rapper Mozzy started the #KickDaCup Challenge as a way to get hip-hop to lay off the lean. One of the commenters of his Instagram post was Fredo Santana, who told him he had been off of lean for almost 60 days by that point after being in the hospital for organ trauma related to his use of the concoction. Tragically, just a couple weeks later, Fredo died from a fatal seizure believed to be linked to lean. It’s not just Xanax that’s a scourge to hip-hop (and larger society), but lean too. Lil Pump and Lil Xan – of all people – are denouncing Xanax abuse, and now DJ Mustard is kicking the cup.

“It’s over,” Mustard stated as the purple drink slid down his faucet. The way he said “f*ck that sh*t”highlightedd his resoluteness to not become another martyr for the drug. Fredo is just the latest person in hip-hop to die prematurely, after Lil Peep died in November from a fatal fentanyl overdose. Fredo’s death may have one of the biggest impacts on lean users, not only as a beloved figure in hip-hop but as someone who was frank about using lean to escape the trauma of his tense upbringing in Chicago. He tweeted the following in October after almost dying:

Hopefully young sippers can heed his words in their own time and hardline detractors can understand his pain.