Drake’s ‘Free Meek Mill’ Shout Out Proves That Some Things Are Bigger Than Rap Beef


Despite their recent differences, Meek Mill and Drake were pretty close at one point, collaborating regularly on tracks like “Amen” and “R.I.C.O.,” so it’s only right that Drake is willing to put their petty rap beef aside to advocate for his onetime rival’s release.

Meek Mill was recently sentenced to 2-4 years in state prison for parole violation under less-than-ideal circumstances, and the rest of the rap world has stood up for him in a big way.

Drake joins a list of big-name advocates from Jay-Z to T.I. and Rick Ross in the “Free Meek Mill” movement, courtesy of a fan near the front row of his Melbourne stop on his current Australian tour. Noticing the fan’s “Free Meek Mill” T-shirt, The Boy both shouted out the fan and expressed agreement with the shirt’s sentiment, saying, “Free Meek Mill, for real.”

And while it could be a while before the two are reunited, this could be the first step toward mending fences between the two after Meek’s hotheaded, late-night Twitter rant turned into meme-making diss tracks “Charged Up” and “Back To Back.” There’s no guarantee that Meek will hear about Drake’s statement from inside, but hopefully, he’ll appreciate the gesture enough to let bygones be bygones.