Drake’s Attempt At A ‘One Dance’ Go-Go Flip Crashed And Burned

Drake found himself in the midst of another “snafu” last night during his #SummertimeSixteenTour in D.C. The Canadian MC made an attempt to do a go-go flip of “One Dance” to seemingly disastrous results. Like anything, footage of the video was posted on social media and met with harsh criticism. There were some who sought to correct the 6 God on who he was sampling while someone else casually brought up Drake’s penchant for changing his music based on geography.

Drake is far too big an artist for this to truly affected but it’s odd that someone as calculating as Drake would’ve gotten this so wrong. D.C. loves go-go so if an artist is going to incorporate it into their show it’s reasonable to expect they’d have gotten it right. Particularly, someone who is notorious for having a well thought out strategy in everything they do. This was not “that Backyard shit” as Drizzy tried to suggest.

In addition to possibly pissing off most of the D.C. population, this is the same concert where Drake took more shots at Meek Mill. He changed a portion of the lyrics while performing “Back to Back.” Instead of saying “he still ain’t did sh*t about the other one,” Drake turned “he” into “p*ssy.”

It’s curious that Drake continues to beat the proverbial dead horse of Meek Mill while ignoring people who might actually best him in lyrical warfare, but that’s another point for another time.

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