Drake Teased A New Quavo Collaboration At His Birthday Party ‘Re-Bar Mitzvah’

Scorpio season is in full effect thanks to Drake‘s ironic 31st birthday “re-bar mitzvah,” where The Boy decided to sneak-release a new collaboration with Quavo of the Migos. Fortunately, camera phones are everywhere in 2017, giving those of us who weren’t quite cool enough to make it on the list a glimpse at the snippet before it’s released (if it is). They each showcase more of the signature Migos flow in the snippet, trading quatrains about — what else — stunting and representing for their respective crews. Check it out below.

The pair has always made a dynamic duo thanks to their harmonious approach to blending rapping with singing and the slight differences between their vocal tones and subject matter. It was Drake who helped bring Migos to national prominence with his turn on the remix of their banging 2013 ode to high fashion, “Versace.”And while his use of the triplet flow they helped popularize initially drew some criticism from the group, eventually they foursome settled into a prolific and mutually-beneficial musical alliance.

Now, Offset is helping Drake drop low-key bangers, Quavo popped up on Drake’s most recent projects, More Life, to provide the inescapably catchy hook to playlist standout “Portland,” and apparently, Quavo and Drake have more tunes for your headtop coming down the pipeline.