Drake’s Sprite-Stealing Stalker Returned To His Home, And Spits On Cops While Refusing To Leave

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07.28.17 2 Comments

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Drake may not actually be working on Take Care 2, but if his current lady troubles continue, he’ll end up with plenty of material for it. You may remember the Drake fan who reportedly burglarized the star’s Hidden Hills, California home for cool, refreshing can of Sprite. Well, she is back in the news again, as she was reportedly arrested Thursday morning for returning to Drake’s house and trying to talk her way past security, telling the staff, “I’m on the list.”

When that didn’t work, she refused to vacate the premises, and security phoned the police. According to TMZ, when deputies arrived, the 24 year-old woman spat at three of them, and had to be subdued with pepper spray. She was arrested on charges of trespassing and assaulting a police officer. She’ll also likely be disappointed to find out that her troubles were for nothing; Drake wasn’t even home at the time of the incident.

During her previous foray into illegal entry into the singer’s abode, she was caught by another member of the staff, wearing an undisclosed article of his clothing from the wardrobe, and admitted to sneaking Sprite, Pepsi, and Fiji water from his fridge. He decided not to press charges in that incident, pushing police to give her a break. We’ll see if he feels as forgiving now that she’s a repeat offender.

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