Elton John Is Secretly A Huge Tech N9ne Fan

The world shouldn’t be surprised at the eclectic tastes of Sir Elton John anymore. He went to bat for Young Thug — comparing the rapper to John Lennon — and even parlayed his standom of the Slime Season rapper into a meeting. But even knowing that the music legend keeps up with modern hip-hop, it’s hard to anticipate what happened when he dropped into a Vancouver record store on March 9.

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The legend Elton John digging at the shop today!!

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John, songwriter for The Lion King and Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road — casually asked where the store was keeping their Tech N9ne records. In the words of the fiercely underground Kansas City rapper himself “Ha ha, motherf*cker, ha ha!” An employee of the store explained the surreal moment to the CBC.

“I came in from the back and there was Elton John standing there with his two bodyguards, digging through records,” Beat Street Records manager Lindsay Tomchyshen said.”He asked my boss if we had any Tech N9ne, like, the gangster rapper and I was not expecting that,”

Unfortunately, the store was out of the rapper’s stuff, so John did what you do in those situations and bought them out of all their Scritti Pollitti. And he graciously signed a copy of one of his albums that was in the store, according to the shop’s Instagram.