Fat Joe, Remy Ma And French Montana Are Being Sued For ‘All The Way Up’

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In 2016, the rapper Fat Joe experienced somewhat of a late-career renaissance. That year, the Bronx-native headlined Hot 97’s Summer Jam, performed at the BET Awards, and was a radio fixture. This resurgence in relevance was due in large part to the immense popularity of “All the Way Up,” the lead single off Plata o Plomo his collaborative album with fellow Bronx rapper Remy Ma. The song propelled the pair from permanent relegation to hip-hop nostalgia playlists to the contemporary mainstream. Now, it seems, the origins of the hit are being called into question.

According to reports obtained by TMZ, a Miami-based rapper named Erik A. Elliot (aka Fly Havana) is suing Fat Joe, Remy Ma, and featured artist French Montana. Elliot claims that laid down and unfinished version of the song with the track’s producer Infrared in 2015. He said, he never gave Fat Joe and company permission to use the track and was shocked when their version of the song premiered the following spring.

According to Elliot, he contacted Joe about the alleged unauthorized use of his song, and that Joe actually delivered a check for $5,000 in an IHOP in March of 2016, promising future, additional compensation. However, Elliot claims that compensation never came, and now he is suing to get co-writing credit for the track and other damages.

“All the Way Up” climbed as high as number 27 on the Billboard 200 in 2016 and, as of publishing date, is registered 2x platinum in the United States.