Fat Tony Live-Tweeted What It’s Like To Drive Across America As A Black Man

04.11.17 2 years ago

Houston rap savant Fat Tony — a person who is more savant than he is actually fat — had an evening he won’t soon forget. Just after 1 AM on Tuesday, Tony and the Orange County, California-based duo The Garden were traveling together through Ohio on their way to Michigan after a gig at the Double Happiness in Columbus.

At some point during the drive, police pulled the group over. With intimate knowledge of what can happen to black men in America when they encounter law enforcement late at night, in an unfamiliar city, Tony decided to record the events and share the entire ordeal on Twitter:

Traveling musician though he may be, Tony apparently isn’t one to put himself at risk with drugs, alcohol or any other illegal contraband and so he was let go. The rapper decided to add a soundtrack to his situation, playing “It’s All Bad” by E-40, which fittingly opens with the line, “Why was I born in these trifling ass times?”

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