G Perico Brings Some L.A. Swagger To New York In His ‘Bacc Forth’ Video

G Perico offers some sage words of advice on the song “Bacc Forth” from his simmering April debut album All Blue. “They said, ‘G you better live it up cause you only live once.” Unlike most of All Blue which punches in plenty of hazy, wired up Los Angeles centric synths and production, “Bacc Forth” is celebratory and even joyous, even as Perico sneers about Trump being the President and his disdain for the police.

It’s a complete detour from the story he’s laid out in previous All Blue videos such as “Turnin’ Corners” and “How You Feel.” Here, there are no cops, no former friends turned foes willing to collaborate with the LAPD to lock Perico up. Instead, we get a glimpse into the spoils of heightened fame and an increased profile.

The same day he sat down with me for a lengthy profile, Perico headed to the beach to shoot “Bacc Forth.” In the FADER premiered clip, there are various isolated shots of G’s crew who’ve made the trip 1,600 miles away from his South Central abode to New York. There are flashes of middle fingers, smiles, swigs of Hennessy and more. Already armed with over one million streams of All Blue, G Perico seems primed for the next step in his career.

Watch Perico smile, dance and groove in the video for “Bacc Forth” up top.