G-Unit’s ‘The Lost Flash Drive’ Mixtape Is A Treasure Trove Of Unreleased Music

08.30.16 3 years ago

Remember the short-lived G-Unit reunion of 2014 that for some reason included Kidd Kidd? The group made plenty of music that never saw the light of day, and that’s where “Set the Pick” comes in. It’s the first video from DJ Whoo Kid’s The Lost Hard Drive tape, which is out below.

When this footage was shot, according to Whoo Kid, nobody knew the cameras were on. So, we just to see how the Unit vibed to music without them trying to impress the screen. The record itself is nice, too. Banks, as usual, lets off a couple rounds. This leads to excitement for what the rest of the tape will bring.

In case you’re wondering, the material is mostly made up from that 2014 run. “Me and Tony Yayo stumbled across a hard drive at the G-Unit offices recently that contained lost music and lost footage from the G-Unit Radio Series,” Whoo Kid explained in a press release. “Getting 50, Banks, Buck and Kidd Kidd on board to release these classics to the world, it’s just something for the fans to embrace.”

We might never get a third G-Unit album. After all they’ve done for hip-hop, it’s not even necessary and likely won’t be appreciated like it could/should be. Being able to get these unreleased songs is great, though. There are people who still care about G-Unit and the allure of old unheard songs is big enough to draw in former fans who have since moved on.

The majority of The Lost Hard Drive comes from Buck, Banks, Yayo, and double Kidd. The only 50 Cent appearance is at the very end on a song that’s more promotional for his new artist Phresher than unreleased. Check out the full mixtape below.

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