Game Speaks On The Origin Of His Animoisty Towards Jay-Z

Game as a young MC on the rise looked to Jay-Z for advice and was told, “most of you new rappers won’t last, find a new lane.” Game’s response was several disses aimed at Jay-Z which still have not stopped. Do you feel the beef was justified after hearing this story?

Continue reading to look at the history of shots Game has taken at Jay-Z.

Game – My Bitch (2007)

From the projects hustled all day
N1ggas called her Sophie from around the way
Used to play hard to get, so they thought she was gay
Booshie bitch who ever thought she was raised in B.K.
Moved out the hood, changed her name to Jay
Told everybody she’ll be working with a mill one day
I was introduced to her back in ’96
She had a wavey haircut and some big ass lips
At first she was hard to hit, come to find out the last 10 years she been sucking Big dick
Got a family now, a house made of bricks
Four grown ass kids and aint none of them shit
She still my bitch so I stayed around
But she always tryna Dash when other Dame’s around
She tryna play The Game, but I got the bitch number
She said she won’t, but she’ll be back next summer

Game Speaks On Jay-Z (2008)

Game says he is too disrespectful for Jay-Z and would turn the Rocafella sign into a pee stain.

Game speaks about the beef with Jay-Z in an interview win 2008. He says he wants to make him mad enough to actually diss him. He goes on to say he would F*** Beyonce.

Jay-Z Vs. Game Audio Clips

Game chants, “F*** Jay-Z,Old Ass Nicca,” out in the U.K. in 2009.

Game – I’m So Wavy(2009)

Now do something with that
Or respond to this
And with them big ass lips
You got my name in your mouth
I hope it tastes like this—ahhh
No homo, one more time—ahhh
That’s your promo
And I been hard to the core since I went solo
Only man on my horse like my all-black Polo
And where I’m ’bout to go is usually a no-no
But I’m loco, got the camel in a chokehold
Tryna son me, I’m not from NYC
You can’t even have a child by your Destiny
And I ain’t mean to that a shot at Bey
I’m blacked out like you did Free

I’ma chop down the Roc and take it to the stove
I apologize to Bey, ’cause this about Hov
I’ma chop down the Roc and take it to the stove
“D.O.A.?” No!
T-Pain stays, old n-gga goes

I see you downloadin’ my swag, camelface. Blueprint 3 gon’ sell more cigarettes than it do records, n-gga. Now I know why the taxes went up on tobacco, motherf-cker. Heard ’bout your little fight backstage with Kanye, too. I got a million dollars say Kanye knocked that n-gga the f-ck out. Just tryna make good music, is all he tryna do. Sh-t, ‘choo f-ckin’ with ‘Ye for? “D.O.A.” n-gga? Please. I love 808s and Heartbreaks, “Love Lockdown,” my sh-t.

Game Brings A Jay-Z On Stage(2009)

Game – Uncle Otis (2011)

Here’s a dome shot to this nigga named Otis
Niggas think they the coldest but nigga you just the oldest
Niggas be chasing they youth but it’s gone
Yo ‘Ye, this nigga aint even wanna put you on