Call Gucci Mane ‘Multi Millionaire Laflare’

Managing Hip-Hop Editor

“Million here, million there, Multi Millionaire Laflare”

When he’s not “living light like a Diet Sprite,” Gucci Mane can be found in the booth, laying down track after track. His newest offering is entitled “Multi Millionaire Laflare,” produced by Southside, and it’s as rich as the name implies it to be.

Over the sparse beat, Gucci rattles off all the ways he’s amassed his riches and the means he’s used to stay on top of his Scrooge McDuck-like pile of money. The majority of the cut finds the Zone 6 Berry Gordy bragging on his friends being rich, his lady being even richer and how he’s kicked it with the richest of the rich. In other words, the song is really expensive. He also manages to weave in the usual rap boasts like “Nasty as I wanna be, that boy just a wannabe, Gucci there’s just one of me.”

“Multi Millionaire Laflare” doesn’t appear to be included on Everybody Looking, so just toss it in that Guwop playlist that’s been accumulating in number with all the different features and extras Gucci’s been spreading out since returning home from his federal vacation. “Multi Millionaire Laflare” should help hold fans over until Everybody… releases on July 22.

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