Gucci Mane And Zaytoven Had A Ball Performing For NPR Tiny Desk Concert

Hearing Gucci Mane say “I love NPR” isn’t exactly one of those things I expected to hear in my lifetime but the statement definitely made me smile. Back in October, Big Guwop made their way to the NPR offices to add their name to the illustrious list of those artists who’ve performed for the Tiny Desk Concert series and it’s quite the treat. With his partner in crime Zaytoven tickling the keys as if the event were a highly spirited Sunday morning church service, Gucci, wearing a Supreme tee adorned with his own image, runs through three songs in total — 2009’s “First Day Out” along with newer tracks “Waybach,” and “Last Time.” Granted, he veers from the usual Tiny Desk script by performing with backing vocals but they don’t ruin the moment since the crowd’s applause make it appear like they were entertained.

Watching him perform for the intimate set is part of a culminating event in Gucci’s post-prison run. It’s like watching his life come full circle even though he hasn’t even been out a complete year yet. Most prisoners come home expressing big plans but fail to execute for a multitude of reasons, some of their own making while many other hurdles are out of their control. That hasn’t been the case for Gucci. He’s set to be married, readying the release of his third new project, The Return of East Atlanta Santa, on December 16 and he’s living sober. In between songs, Gucci tells the crowd “You’re witnessing history in the making,” which is true for his performance as well as the miracle comeback he’s managed to pull off thus far.