I Will Be Hitting Four Countries This Week So Bear With Me

08.28.12 7 years ago 10 Comments

I will try to keep the site updated while I’m overseas for the week. Right now I’m in Amsterdam for a night and later this week I will be in France, Lebanon and Dubai. Things are a little rough with the six hour time change which turns into eight by the time I hit Dubai. This was my first time ever in Amsterdam and of course I had to hit up the infamous, “Red Light District.” I will say a few of the ladies had me thinking 50 euros does beat an expensive date in the U.S. But the majority of females I saw weren’t tempting, they didn’t look like a bag of Euros. Some of them I wouldn’t touch if I was drunk and they offered to pay me. I think it depends on the street you are on. Some streets had better looking chicks with nice bodies, and some had some old out of shape ladies. I think one street even had men dressed like women o_0 . They also have live sex shows, but I passed on seeing all that. It was a cool experience, I will definitely come back to Amsterdam just to chill.

If you were in the, “Red Light District,” would you take down one of the women in the windows? Why/Why not?

Photos By Nigel D.

BoyEazy will be holding things down.

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