Is Young Chris Going At Meek Mill?

01.17.13 6 years ago 35 Comments

Don’t let that little fame do that, your n!ggas got to get shot at before they shoot back.
N!gga F*** you, sad part I really use to love you, better worry about them n!ggas on your ass instead of us two.
100 hundred shots rang into his Maybach curtains.
– Young Chris

Don’t say on da beat what u won’t say in da street.. cause face 2 face niggas never said it 2 me!
Meek Mill

While Meek Mill and Young Chris were both on, “House Party,” it appears these two might have some issues now. The line about, “I use to love you,” and the Maybach reference leads me to believe Young Chris’ verse(1:06) is talking about Meek Mill. What do you think?

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