Rappers Are Blowing Up Twitter With Praise For Jay-Z And ‘4:44’

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Just ten days ago, Jay-Z used Twitter to go on an epic rant, shouting out and big upping his lyrical inspirations. Now, it seems like every rapper in hip-hop is taking to the platform to do the same for him.

Jay’s having one heck of a month. His and Beyonce’s twin babies were born less than two weeks ago, Jay’s new album, 4:44, has the internet in a tizzy, and NBA star Lebron James even called it “a testimony.”

Now, Jay’s contemporaries and the dozens — maybe even hundreds — of rappers he’s influenced throughout the last two decades are weighing in on Twitter, tweeting out reactions ranging from awe to outright hero worship, reminding the hip-hop world that the businessman mogul who once called himself “the best rapper alive” is still rap music’s GOAT, despite his change in focus to business and activism.

Even perennial hip-hop grouch Joe Budden had words of praise for his one-time rival, admitting that 4:44 is “full of jewels & therapy.” Wale, who parted ways with Jay’ Roc Nation management in 2014, stated that “Jay goin crazy right now,” [sic] while Jay’s rap-GOAT heir apparent simply proffered a dazed, “WOW,” and called Jay a “Master Teacher.”

From Pusha T to Talib Kweli, there are many MCs who owe a debt of gratitude to Jay-Z for his 10+ albums worth of inspiration and influence. With 4:44 standing at the forefront of Rap Twitter’s attention, they finally get the chance to show thanks to rapper who continues to inspire us all. You can read more reactions below.