Kamaiyah Dropped Her Slapper-Filled ‘Before I Wake’ Mixtape While You Were Sleeping

The wait is still on for Kamaiyah’s first album, but she’s still keeping her fans fed. Unfortunately, her long-awaited album is being held back for the same reason as her previous Don’t Ever Get It Twisted mixtape: sample clearances. But Kamaiyah is refusing to go out like other artists who got stuck on the shelf by a label until they lost their well-earned buzz. She previously leaked her own “Successful” video out of frustration with her Interscope-Geffen labels and last night, the Oakland MC dropped the appropriately titled Before I Wake, a 10-track banger full of the trademark slappers the XXL Freshman is known for.

Along with dropping the album, Kamaiyah released a brief statement on Instagram explaining the delay for her upcoming album and the “depression” she’s felt this year, not only from the sample issues but the untimely death of her brother from cancer.


She says she “went through an extreme depression” and felt “creatively trapped” based on her circumstances. Ever the fighter though, the Oakland MC also said she “decided to take initiative by recording and putting together music for my fans all on my own because I felt it was time.” I’m sure her fans agree.