Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Humble’ Is The Second Most Streamed Single Of 2017

Hip-Hop Editor

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Ironically, “Humble,” the monster-smash single from Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN., is giving the Compton rapper plenty of reasons to brag.

After causing a minor internet meltdown the day it released back in April, the hard-knocking, West Coast banger found itself on the top of the charts, his first single to do so. It’s been up there for 25 weeks and still hasn’t left the top 40. It’s been parodied by South Park (truly the last real litmus test of whether a pop culture moment has “made it”), and remixed by Skrillex, and now adds another distinction: It is currently the second most-streamed song of the year, per Hits Daily Double.

It only sits about 30 million streams behind “Despacito,” which currently tops the list at just under half a billion(!) streams. And before you get all, “Only 30 million? That’s a lot!” just remember, “Despacito” is a huge global hit, being played in non-English-speaking countries the world over. “Humble” probably doesn’t have quite the same level of reach — although there was that nifty “Despacito” cover from August that absolutely nailed the style of “Humble.”

With 465,231,000 streams, “Humble” has beat out “XO Tour Lif3,” “Shape Of You,” and “Mask Off.” If his hot streak continues, Kendrick may start finding it difficult to heed the words of his own single.

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