Kevin Gates Delivers ‘By Any Means 2’ To His Fans Even While Behind Bars

When Kevin Gates went to jail last October, and when his stay was extended until at least next June, the assumption was that it would be quite some time before we got any new music from the multi-platinum star. Well, you know what they say about assumptions, and less than a year later that assumption proved untrue because Kevin is back with 14 new songs for his fans in the form of a new mixtape By Any Means 2.

It’s not clear when the music was recorded, but judging by the sounds of the leaks like “Beautiful Scars” with PnB Rock and “Had To” Kevin hasn’t skipped a beat. The quality of those songs kills the notion that By Any Means 2 is just throwaways to keep fans satisfied while Kevin is away, no matter when they were recorded. What will be interesting to see is if there are any other Gates songs on tuck to stave time while he’s away, or if Dreka Gates and Kevin’s label Atlantic have emptied the vaults.

For now though, there are 14 new Kevin Gates songs that nobody was expecting they’d have any time soon. And with Kevin himself reaching out to fans in the “What If” video, it seems morale is high for both Kevin and his fans as he finishes up his prison sentence for weapons charges in Illinois. In the mean time stream Kevin Gates’ By Any Means 2 below and purchase the mixtape here.

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