Killer Mike Speaks On Being Inspired By Floyd Mayweather

10.23.15 3 years ago 2 Comments

"Your Work ethic Will Determine Your Worth" – Michael Render I am not sure about folks who tell me they don't "like" Floyd. He works Hard, he refuses to be handled so he Went into biz himself. He partners with another black man "Al Haymon", and they have dominated while dispelling that "blacks can't be in biz with on another myth of evil". He employed his family, father & uncle too. He respected his dad in his greatest hour and did not shame or blame him even after past fights. That shows he has forgiven and matured past boyish anger and feelings of abandonment. He has become a Man. He enjoys his pleasures and he PAYs for them (I'm talking about his women here) so none can blame or shame his name (that is proper King, player and or real man shit if the situation finds you). He saved his health and is wise with his dollar so his children's children will prosper (that is some biblical King David shit right there). He played the fool, full of folly & fooled us all. We thought he was drinking and he was training, we thought he was smoking and joking but naw he was training. He created a style in which none cud defeat him! Call it Running I call it evading . It is what Akido preaches. Use your opponents energy & force against them. He knows you used more energy missing so he made u miss and when he got the chances he pelted you. After the fight was over u were tired worn and puffy while he was smiling smooth faced & talking shit! LoL We thought his run in with the law and immature act of fighting with a woman wud do him in but naw, he learned, adjusted, accepted and matured. Bravo for that too, for any man that has made that horrible mistake and matured into better. Floyd thank U for figuring out what Jack Johnson, Joe Louis, Both Suga Rays, Ali & Tyson alike cud not: u mastered boxing inside and out side the ring, u mastered your passions and u let nothing become the Master of You. #SelfMastery is truly a gift earned thru pain and u suffered for your greatness. I am inspired by this brother. We all want the Belt (what ever your goal is in life) but, who is willing to #SelfMaster to achieve the Glory. #PleaseExcuseTypos #TypoKing

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Some might not like Mayweather but they have to respect his work ethic.

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