K’Valentine Talks About The Near-Fatal Car Wreck That Inspired Her New Album ‘Here For A Reason’

04.04.17 2 years ago

It was September 2015, a Sunday evening, and Chicago rapper K’Valentine was driving down I-94 heading west into downtown. Normally, before she gets into a vehicle, K makes sure to say a traveler’s mercy prayer, but for whatever reason, she rushed it on this occasion. Feeling guilty, as she merged into the express lane, “I cut the radio down, said another prayer.” Then, “As soon as I went to turn the volume up I got hit. The guy that hit me was going over 100 miles per hour because he was drunk.”

Her car spun out, smashed into the concrete median, flipped over twice and landed on its back in the middle of an exit lane. “Some people faint, I was completely coherent,” she said. “I was upside down, couldn’t see out of one eye and I was just coughing up blood. I couldn’t move my arms, but I could move my fingers and my legs. I somehow got out the seat belt, then I tried to kick out the windows, but my body was exhausted and the windows wouldn’t break. My whole care started smoking up.” It seemed like this was the end. “I just started talking to myself. I was like, ‘K, you’re about to die,’ and I said it twice… Then I was tired. I closed my eyes like I just wanted to go to sleep.”

Fortunately, two bystanders hopped out of their own vehicles and rushed to her aid. They called an ambulance who rushed her to the hospital, where miraculously, not only did she survive, they discovered that she hadn’t suffered a single broken bone. “I always knew tomorrow wasn’t promised,” she said. “It just reconfirmed what I already knew, and it also renewed my energy and my spirit. It made me go harder at the things that I was already doing. It just cranked it up. You better get this done because you don’t know. You was kept this time.”

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