Kyle And Lil Yachty’s Animated ‘iSpy’ Video Is A Blissful Underwater Trip

The Kyle single “iSpy” featuring Lil Yachty is one of the cuter rap songs to have dropped in recent memory. The lighthearted track became even more adorable recently, thanks to the new a brand new music animated music video. Directed by Jayme Lemperle, the clip opens with a cartoon version of Kyle lamenting to Lil Boat about kids “talking sh*t and making me feel bad,” only for Yachty to force him to take a look around at all the nice girls, palm trees and waving dolphins that make life great.

From there, Kyle embarks on an undersea adventure, taking in a smoke session with a high-as-hell looking lobster and his koi fish friend, going on a joint seahorse ride with a mermaid, before hitting a club with an octopus manning the DJ booth. Lil Boat shows back up later on, dropping into the scene, from where else but a boat anchor attached to a mega-sized yacht.

In an interview with Genius, Kyle revealed that, “iSpy” is was essentially inspired by the art of finding a girl on Instagram, “with the right amount of followers.” The song came together rather seamlessly as well. “It was me and Ayo in the studio,” he remembered. “We just wanted to make some feel-good shit. I just had this little piano and started playing bomp bomp bomp—very badly, though, ’cause I’m not that raw.”

Watch the adorable animated clip in the video above.