Lex Luger Speaks On His Production Diversity

01.06.11 7 years ago 7 Comments

I’ve been working with everybody, a lot of people been saying that ‘Lex Luger only got that Waka sound’ so I’m trying to take it somewhere else because I do have another sound, and that’s where I want to take it for 2011.” “I’ma still be angry and have my drums, it’s still gonna blow your speakers but I know how to play the keyboard,” said Lex. “I can come up with a melody that somebody like Trey Songz can sing like that, but it’ll still have my drums.”
Full Story: MTV

Lex Luger goes on to speak on working with Kanye West & Jay-Z for, “Watch The Throne.” We will see in 2011 if he is capable of being a diverse producer.

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