Hip-Hop Rookie Of The Year Candidate Lil Skies Previews An Upcoming Gucci Mane Collaboration

Getty Image

Chambersburg, Pennsylvania upstart Lil Skies has come out of the gate early to place a bid for hip-hop rookie of 2018. His Life Of A Dark Horse debut didn’t just make waves, it made the charts, which is an impressive achievement for Skies and his team. The Atlantic Records signee looks to follow up Lil Uzi Vert’s success with his own melodic brand of hip-hop. He’s not just harmonizing though. As Aaron Williams noted, Skies is “laser-focused on his lyrical delivery, tightly-woven rags-to-riches narratives, and creative experimentation.”

He looks to bring those qualities to the world stage in 2018, and defy the stereotypes people may place on him because of his appearance. He’s already scored a bigtime co-sign in the form of Gucci Mane, who’s known to sniff out new hip-hop talent better than most major label executives. Gucci put his weighty ice cream cone stamp on Skies by collaborating on a record that Skies previewed this weekend.

We don’t hear much in 15 seconds, but we can glean that the track is laced with catchy loop. We also get to hear Gucci Mane drop braggadocio like, “I sold so many records.” Hopefully Skies can achieve something similar to Gucci Mane in his career.