Lil Uzi Vert Took A Swan Dive Into The Crowd At Rolling Loud And Lived To Tell About It

Love him or hate him this much is undeniable: Lil Uzi Vert’s shows are turnt. Not just regular, bounce around and have fun rap show turnt, but like climb onto a tent 20-feet in the air and take a swan dive into the crowd turnt.

Wait, what?

Yeah, just a week after Travi$ Scott had fans jumping from balconies at his show in New York, Uzi decided to do the dirty work by himself at Rolling Loud in Miami and did his own jumping. Maybe the 22-year-old is still riding high off the buzz of his first Top 10 solo record, but for some reason, Uzi thought it wise — or maybe he didn’t care about wisdom at all — to not only jump, but do a 180 off of a tent onto a waiting crowd of his adoring fans.

What’s not clear is if he was actually caught, or just how much the crowd broke his fall. Whatever happened, Uzi lived to tell about it because he posted a crazy video of his leap of faith onto his Instagram. Hopefully he wasn’t rocking that insane Marilyn Manson chain, and if he was hopefully he was able to keep it intact and around his neck.