Lil Wayne Enjoyed Rick Ross Dissing Birdman Like You Knew He Would

Hopefully, whenever this is all over we’ll look back and see this as the beginning of the series of events that led to Lil Wayne being freed from Cash Money records and finally being able to release music as he sees fit. Hopefully.

More likely however, is that the scathing Rick Ross track “Idols Become Rivals” where Rozay scorches Birdman for his shady business practices will only make things worse between Lil Wayne, Birdman, Cash Money Records and everybody else locked into a series of lawsuits over unpaid royalties and the ability to release music.

Either way, Wayne heard Rozay’s message loud and clear, and took to Twitter to respond to Ross’ track and his comments on Instagram, saying “that msg hit me in the heart and put the motivation on automatik start,” and telling him “I needed that.”

As mentioned before, Wayne’s entire situation with Birdman is depressing. It’s clear, all he wants is what’s owed to him and the ability to release music, including his much-anticipated album Tha Carter V. It’s the ugly side of the business that gets in the way of what is supposed to be art, and while Weezy has overcome that to release music through loopholes in the system, he’s still limited in what he can do and clearly frustrated.

So yeah, hopefully this is the first brick in the bridge that will get everybody past this situation and get Wayne back on a roll. But I wouldn’t hold my breath.