David Hasselhoff Loves Lil Yachty’s Song About Him So Much They Facetimed

Lil Yacthy has become the most divisive figure in rap, and as of late it’s not even close. The shenanigans between Lil Boat and Joe Budden have become endless internet fodder and the storm of conversation has seemed to only increase in the days since they sat down for a heated conversation.

Yachty has kept rolling though, dropping a new single, clearing up any confusion about his record deal and even letting the world know he respects Joe Budden. Even with all of that going on, that the most momentous point of Lil Yachty’s week might have been the time he Facetimed the one and only David Hasselhoff.

Now, you may be wondering “What the hell are Lil Yachty and The Hoff doing on Facetime?” Well, back in March on Mike Will Made-It’s new album Ransom 2 Yachty had a song aptly titled “Hasselhoff.” The hook of the song pays homage to Hasselhoff, when Yacthy raps “Dove in the p***y so deep, that b*tch callin’ me Hasselhoff.”

Flattering, right?

So somehow Hoff and Boat got into contact with one another, and though Yachty shared the moment on Twitter a few days ago, it took David a few days to catch up. When he did, he left his critique of the song as well saying “Lil yachty song is hilarious cool…it’s now my ring tone!” What a sight it must be when Hasselhoff gets a phone call.