Ludacris Defends His CGI Abs: ‘I Did A Lot Of Sit Ups For That’

Yesterday, Ludacris dropped a brand new video for his Fast & The Furious soundtrack cut “Vitamin D.” Rather than celebrate the arrival of something new in the musical sphere from Luda, or even admire his sample of Sisqo’s classic “Thong Song” in the track, the Internet instead went all the way in on the rapper’s obviously digitally enhanced abdomen instead.

It’s hard to blame them though. Folks all over Twitter compared Luda’s look to a pack of King Hawaiian Rolls, a Sega Dreamcast controller, and the graphics from a Nintendo 64 wrestling game to name a few.

Rather than get his feelings hurt or try and brush away the criticism, Luda rolled into the joke, sharing some of his favorite memes on Twitter. “Thank every1 for your incredible feedback on this LUDICROUSLY IGNORANT video today,” he wrote. Y’all r my heartbeat!”

Then, on a serious tip, someone pointed out the intention behind the CGI abs in the video, to which Luda could only shrug.

Even beyond the abs, the “Vitamin D” video is pretty entertaining. It features Ty Dolls $ign as a stethoscope wielding doctor who appears more interested in the physique of his scantily-clad patients than in their actual physical well-being. You can check it our above.