Lupe Fiasco Explores All The Vices America Has To Offer On ‘Made In The USA’

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We need be getting any new albums from Lupe Fiasco before Christmas, but his new song titled “Made in the USA” isn’t exactly coal in the stocking either. In fact, the triumphant track will only increase the burning desire most people have to hear what Lu’s got on deck for us, especially if as hot as “Made.” The cut is pretty clever in how he manages to rattle off references to the various products sourced here in the U.S. with a mix of pride and irony, depending on how each listener interprets them.

My glock came from Smyrna, Georgia
My F-15 from California
My cocaine came from Arizona
But it’s made in the USA

It’s not exactly “Dumb It Down, Part 2” but there’s no denying how catchy Streetrunner’s trap-like production makes the track. There’s that along with repetitive chant of the hook that will induce a voluntary head nod, too, and we’re reminded of just how clever Lupe can be whenever he wants to. He goes around the map highlighting all the debauchery and evil grown on American soil as well as other things — like rap and rebellion — that are celebrated parts of our culture. By the time the three minutes are up, he’s left listeners wondering if they should be proud or ashamed for what the country’s created, although most will lean towards the latter of the two.

Last month, Lupe confirmed what we already kind of already knew in that he won’t be sharing that trio of projects like he originally planned. “It’s a strong chance you won’t get any new Lupe albums this year,” he wrote in a series of tweets. “Sorry y’all. I tried 2 make it happen but best laid plans make a mess made.”

But, according to Lupe, the delay wasn’t necessarily his fault. “Drogas Light and Drogas are fully recorded and sitting but clearances and mixing issues for Drogas are pushing us beyond realistic deadlines now,” he continued. “The albums have been done for months. It’s the red tape and details now.”