Lupe Fiasco Speaks On Struggles With Record Label Over “Lasers”

03.03.11 7 years ago 12 Comments

When I first chatted with Fiasco during some down time last week in New York City, I congratulated him on the album’s first single, “The Show Goes On,” which had just gone gold (selling 500,000 singles). He huffed, his whole attitude was “whatever” as he responded: “It’s their record. My words, their music. They forced this song to be a No. 1 single, and that’s what they got. I can’t take any credit for it.”

“I am a hostage,” Fiasco said. “I gave them what they wanted. If I didn’t, at the end of the day the album wasn’t coming out.” “The Great American Rap Album” was recorded simultaneously with “Lasers.” It’s a “different sound” and should be released by the end of this year, he said. After that, maybe a greatest hits.
Full Story: SunTimes

“Lasers,” goes on sale march 8th, I’ve heard mixed reviews but I will judge for myself when I buy it.

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