This ‘Mac Dre Thizzle Dance Challenge’ Was So Lit Even A Baby Started Dancing

California really could be divided into two states: Nor-Cal and So-Cal and nobody would complain. Things up North are just different than they are in the sunny, beach-filled, smog-polluted, gang-banging South. Everybody knows it, and that’s fine. The most natural geographic barrier between the two halves of the state is The Grapevine, a stretch of I5 north of Los Angeles and south of Bakersfield, and anything North of that is ran by Mac Dre. They have the Chucks and Dickies, Kendrick Lamar, Dr. Dre and all that stuff and that’s fine because we have Mac Dre.

Nothing gets the party going North of The Grapevine quite like some classic Andre Hicks and there is no better visual proof than the “Mac Dre Thizzle Dance Challenge.” One amazing soul by the name of Damian Johnson decided to stroll into a Sacramento Golden Corral, complete the challenge and record it for the world to see and I could not be more thankful. The video is just 30 seconds long, but it has everything you could possibly need to understand just how infectious Dre is to everybody in Northern California. Lets break it down with one of those Internet, second-by-second bullet point deals.

00:03: Our friend Damian hops on a chair to announce to everybody that he’s introducing them to the Thizzle Dance. Notice the look of shock on absolutely nobody’s face because they’re all either in on the joke, or well accustomed to sporadic and spontaneous Thizzle dancing.

00:04: Now is as good a time as any to start paying attention to the old man in the bottom right corner with the Kangol hat on. He is key.

00:08: Damian’s buddy pops up in the bottom left corner with spectacular timing and an even better look of faux confusion on his face to go with Dre’s ad-lib on the song. Their preparation here is impeccable.

00:12: The beat drops and the left side of the screen explodes. The right side is still a little reluctant, including the old guy in the Kangol, but…

00:14: Buddy in the hat with the dreadlocks couldn’t contain himself anymore. He hops out his seat, baby in arm, and joins in on the festivities. Infant child and all.

00:16: The “Ayeeee!” chant breaks out. This can be heard at all Northern California gatherings. If you don’t hear it, I’m sorry to tell you, the party you’re at just isn’t lit. Find another one.

00:18: Our old friend in the Kangol recognizes that chant and joins in, even doing a little dance and just maybe thinking about getting out of his seat. A baby? An old man? Everybody in-between? Yup, this party is officially lit now.

00:22: Notice the employee in the back, causally going about his day, pouring drinks and minding his business. This is how NorCal works. If a mass Thizzle Dance breaks out, you either join in or mind your business and let everybody enjoy themselves. This guy is neither shocked, nor bothered. He knows what’s up.

Eventually the video ends abruptly, after what looks like a Golden Corral manager steps in and ruins everybody’s fun, but not before Damian and his friends can become living legends.

Here’s to the “Mac Dre Thizzle Dance Challenge” becoming the new “Running Man Challenge.” Please, internet. Please.

(Via Damian Johnson)