Macklemore Gets His Astrological Chart Read To Promote ‘Gemini’ And The Results Are Hysterical

Well, if you’re going to name your album after your astrological sign, what better way is there to raise awareness of it than getting your astrological chart read? That’s the question Macklemore answers with streaming service Pandora, who helped him arrange a reading in support of his recently-released solo album, Gemini.

While Gemini has certainly received its fair share of traditional promotion, with singles “Marmalade” featuring Lil Yachty, “Good Old Days” with Kesha, and “Glorious” with Skylar Gray each doing their part to drive the album’s momentum, the Seattle rapper decided to take an unconventional approach to marketing and the results are both insightful and hysterical.

When his astrologer, Jessica, tells him that he is going through three “once-in-a-lifetime Uranus transits,” his prompt response is simply, “Sh*t,” as it should be because that sounds ominous as hell, right? Fortunately, as it turns out, it just means Mack is getting more into astrology, which is 100% accurate in this case. It also turns out that Macklemore is more of a “country mouse than a city mouse” and that he just can’t seem to take the process completely seriously. However, he does get some useful advice about chasing success and the proper use of sage. Check it out above, and keep your eyes on the stars.