Macklemore Survived A Head-On Car Crash With A Drunk Driver

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08.01.17 3 Comments

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TMZ reports that Seattle, Washington rapper Macklemore was involved in a head-on car collision last week — and walked away unscathed.

The news comes as Macklemore has been gearing up to release his next album, with first single “Glorious” receiving a video where his grandmother reminds viewers that Mack has been sober for some years after battling addiction, a topic he’s previous tackled on songs like “Drug Dealer,” which details addiction from the perspective of the titular drug dealer character.

According to the report, the “Marmalade” rapper was driving in Langley, Washington — a remote island town 90 minutes north of Seattle — Friday night just before 11:00 PM, when an alleged drunk driver in a pickup truck hit his Mercedes head-on. Police say the pickup truck driver wasn’t wearing a seat belt, and was thrown into the windshield headfirst, knocking him out and leaving him bleeding.

The two passengers that were riding with Macklemore were both reportedly in good condition as well. One person was treated for a minor cut, but there were no life-threatening injuries to anyone in Macklemore’s vehicle. The pickup driver was taken to a hospital for treatment, and Washington State Police reported that he will be charged for DUI. It’s a good thing Macklemore was wearing a seatbelt.

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