Macklemore Plays A Plethora Of Comedic Characters In His Hilarious ‘Corner Store’ Video

Macklemore‘s been on a roll with the videos for Gemini and continues his hot streak with the video for “Corner Store” featuring Dave B and Travis Thompson. The Johnny LeFlare-directed clip features all three Seattle artists at an actual Seattle corner store, with Macklemore in character as the resident alcoholic hanging out outside the shop while Dave B and Travis try to buy beer with a fake ID from a clerk also played by Mack in old man makeup.

After the teens’ plans fail, they recruit Macklemore the wino to cop their coveted beverages and proceed to bring him into their circle while they drink with their friends in the park. Macklemore makes more appearances as a concerned citizen snitching on the kids, the police officer who responds to his call, and as Travis’ mom, each time in hilarious makeup.

“Corner Store” is the fourth single from Gemini and represents the culmination of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ Seattle-based Residency mentoring initiative, which selected teenager Travis Thompson to appear on the album, giving him the opportunity to perform for millions on The Tonight Show. The Residency gives aspiring artists from low-income families opportunities to pursue the craft and become leaders themselves after completing the program.