Malice Speaks On His Life Change And Pusha T Joining G.O.O.D. Music

So what exactly did you see that made your life change?
Well, without giving too much away about the book, it was an emptiness, really. I remember sometimes I would be in the club. It’d be sooo popping. Everyone’s smiling, shaking your hand… so much going on, but so little genuineness. It felt like a circus act. Just empty. Different aspects of my life started to feel similar.

Do you feel any jealousy toward your brother, who now gets to share the stage with Kanye?
I think it’s great for P to be off on his own. Any blessing for my brother, I’m happy. Especially because now it’s only gonna get bigger for him. And at the end of day, if I need to borrow a dollar, he can loan it. We’re still doing Clipse music. It’s just . . . I told him I have to write this book. He understood. I couldn’t do rap right then. I let him read the book. He thought it was phenomenal. He encouraged me to move forward with it. How can I do anything less for him?

Full Interview: Village Voice

Malice’s book, “Wretched, Pitiful, Poor, Blind and Naked,” is on sale now HERE.