Meek Mill Reportedly Kickstarted The FBI Investigation Of The Judge Presiding Over His Case

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Meek Mill is currently incarcerated for 2-4 years for a parole violation, and if you let Meek and his lawyers tell it, he’s only in prison because of a judge with a major grudge against the 30-year-old rapper. Philadelphia Judge Genece E. Brinkley, who has presided over Meek’s decade-long fight against his parole, is said to be under investigation of the FBI after her treatment of Meek, and the murky circumstances surrounding her sentencing of him. Now, reveals it was Meek who urged the FBI to investigate Judge Brinkley, and ironically, it was Meek’s own refusal to be involved that stalled the investigation.

According to their report, saying “Agents wanted the rapper to surreptitiously record conversations with Brinkley, who he alleged had tried to extort favors from him in exchange for leniency.” The report cites three sources familiar with the investigation, and goes on to say Meek refused to record the judge and “the inquiry faded away.”

Meek’s stiff sentencing after his parole violation has sparked outrage, gaining steam thanks to support from big names like Jay-Z and Colin Kaepernick. Those who felt the sentencing was unjust even staged a rally in Philadelphia to protest his sentence, and petitions to review the sentence have gained steam as well.

Unfortunately for Meek, he’s been denied bail and has seemingly been unable to gain any traction in his fight to be released from jail.