MF Doom Finally Releases The Spooky-Sounding Alchemist-Produced Original Mix Of ‘Doomsayer’

Hip-Hop Editor
08.22.17 3 Comments

MF Doom continues his Adult Swim-driven hot streak with the latest Missing Notebook Rhymes release, “Doomsayer,” featuring Alchemist. Study it ’til your brain vomits, as the Villain says on the menacing, horror movie organ-led track. This time it’s all solo for the masked rapper from Long Island, New York, with 100% bars and no hook. The release is more than likely the original mix of a 2012 Soundcloud leak that was originally tagged “Young Guru Remix.” The previously released version (included below) was a funky, upbeat number that contrasts strongly with this decidedly more low-key mix. Feel free to debate which one fits the multisyllabic, densely-packed rhymes and one-liners better.

Week three of The Missing Notebook Rhymes continues the strong showing begun by the chest-thumping “Negus” with the late Sean Price, and continued with the week two return of KMD, “True Lightyears,” alongside New Orleans mystery man Jay Electronica. Adult Swim‘s singles program is bringing out the best of MF Doom, even after a career so extensive, no primer could ever prepare for the sheer volume of material he’s released over the years. The emerging pattern with the releases so far has been officially releases of long-awaited or previously unreleased material MF Doom has created over his 25-plus years in the rap game.

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