NERD Jams Out With Future On Their Boisterous Collaboration ‘1000’

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NERD may have already revealed their album to the world nearly a month ago with their energetic performance/listening party at ComplexCon, but the retail rollout has been pretty standard anyway. They debuted the album artwork and tracklist just recently, and are releasing the singles one at a time to build buzz — the latest of which, “1000” featuring Future, arrived today.

Like their previous singles “Lemon” with Rihanna and “Rollinem 7s” featuring Andre 3000, “1000” is a big, boisterous, danceable track, complete with frenetic bass drums anchoring NERD’s traditional, spacey synths and vocal samples. The breakdown on the hook is the best part, slowing down to a more straightforward, brass band-ish groove as Future makes his growly appearance.

The back end of the song throws in more synths and even more drums — cymbals and hi-hats this time — to create one of the busiest, party-ready songs of 2017. No_One Ever Really Dies is living up to Pharrell’s promise that it will be an interesting experiment in form, with few of the released singles featuring the traditional verse/chorus/hook structure that many of us have come to expect from hip-hop producers like Williams and partner Chad Hugo. Whether or not that’s a good thing is up to the listener, but if you like feature-heavy, garage-band-style jamming, No_One Ever Really Dies will probably impress you come December 15th. Check out “1000” below.

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