Nicki Minaj And Migos’ Quavo Get Romantic On Their ‘She For Keeps’ Collaboration

Yesterday, Migos and Nicki Minaj released the futuristic video for their “Motorsport” collaboration with Cardi B, which showcased Nicki Minaj dancin’ in front of a white sports car with no Cardi — or Chyna — in sight. That song received a lot of buzz and speculation earlier this year, but some may forget that it wasn’t the only track Nicki did with Migos’ Quavo. Since this summer, people have wondered what became of the song that they were alleged by word of mouth to have done together. Now, we know the answer (we think): the collaboration ended up on Quality Control: Control The Streets, Vol. 1.

Whereas Motorsport was an energetic trap banger, the “She For Keeps” record is a more downtempo, R&B/hip-hop fusion. Quavo shows off his melodic chops on the beginning of the track, harmonizing about a girl who’s caught his eye, before Nicki catches our ear with a verse of her own about a guy who buys her whatever she wants and “ain’t stupid enough to lose me to another n—- in these streets.”

Though the record is on a Quality Control project, it still helped the 35-year-old Nicki kill two birds with one stone by celebrating her birthday and giving her fans a gift – new music.

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