Nigel D. Presents: Kanye West & A Tribe Called Quest Take Over Brooklyn For The Yeezus Tour

11.22.13 5 years ago 4 Comments

While Kanye West has various opening acts on the, “Yeezus,” tour, on the night I attended he had Hip Hop legends, “A Tribe Called Quest,” perform. They performed their classic hits and even brought out Busta Rhymes for, “Scenario.” I didn’t realize how great a performer Q-Tip was, showcasing a lot of charisma and energy. The Tribe kept the audience on their feet and provided a great opening act. Oh yea, I must thank them for bringing out Bonita Applebum.

Kanye West’s, “Glow In The Dark,” tour was one of the best concerts I have ever attended. I enjoyed it to the point where I actually went to the show twice. So I was excited to see how Kanye West would follow it up with the, “Yeezus,” tour. In both concerts Kanye West is telling a story and is on a journey to salvation. The story being told during the, “Yeezus,” tour is deeper and darker than the, “Glow In The Dark,” tour. Just as Kanye West’s life has become more complex over the years so has his shows. To get a better understanding of the imagery in the, “Yeezus,” tour check out Complex. While some might find the show a little weird, I enjoyed myself and recommend you seeing the show if you can.

Check the slideshow for pictures by Nigel D.

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