Nipsey Hussle Celebrates His Ten Years In The Rap Game With Swizz Beats On Surprise Single ‘Been Down’

Nipsey Hussle has been slowly gearing up the promo machine for the release of his upcoming major label debut, Victory Lap. If it sounds anything like “Been Down,” the motivating, Swizz Beats-featuring single he sprang on the world today, expect the new album to make you feel like a million bucks. Over a triumphant horn section, Nipsey ruminates on the ups and downs of his decade in the rap game, concluding that his drive, determination, and authenticity have kept him not just relevant but flourishing, a trend he clearly intends to continue. Although the track won’t be on the album, Nipsey felt it important to give the fans something to hold them over until Victory Lap‘s February 16th release date.

It’s that same authenticity that prompted him to defend fellow rap entrepreneur Diddy from mocking sports journalists a few days ago. His drive and determination are evident in his willingness to release a $1000 mixtape and earn more than some rappers make all year on the front end. Victory Lap will be Nipsey’s first traditional release ever, but he’s managed to hold down a small business empire in his native South Central, Los Angeles while finding a way to flourish musically without selling out to the major label machine. Now that he’s ready to dive into a more traditional structure, you can bet the deal is favorable and sticks to his “all money in, no money out” motto.